Teaching 'Scales in the Climate System'

An example of interdisciplinary teaching and learning

Climate change is commonly regarded as one of 21st century's grand challenges that needs to be addressed by conducting integrated research combining natural and social sciences. To meet this need, how to best train future climate researchers should be reconsidered.

Here, we present our experiences from the team-taught semester-long course 'Scales in the Climate System' with students of the international master program “Integrated Climate System Sciences” (ICSS) at the University of Hamburg, Germany. 

This script presents the summary of three years of course, including background and teaching material (homework, slides, sessions plan). Feel free to download material and use it for your own project.

Here, you can dowload a PDF version of the main script (chapter 1 to 2.1.4).

This project is authored by Maike Scheffold, Dania Achermann, Jörn Behrens, Michael Brüggemann, Thomas Frisius, Mirjam Gleßmer, Inga Hense, Lars Kaleschke, Lars Kutzbach, Simone Rödder, Jürgen Scheffran and Johanna Baehr. For further information, visit Background lecturers.